The primary objective of the IIHFD is to promote research into an understanding of the human factor concept and its role in impacting the process of international development. The leaders, financial supporters, and research associates of the IIHFD work hand-in-hand to bring together scholars and interested individuals from all over the world to provide them with a forum aimed at researching and understanding better the primary issues regarding the role and significance of the human factor in social, economic, political, educational, and technological development in the Global Village. These efforts place special emphases on community as well national developing.

The Multidisciplinary research agenda, its results, and ongoing discussions are carried out through individual as well as team research projects. The results are disseminated through local seminars as well as international conferences. These activities are aimed at providing human factor-centered answers to the social, economic, political, educational, and technological problems prevalent in the developing as well as newly emerging nation states.

The IIHFD publishes an academic journal referred to as the Review of Human Factor Studies. This is an international scholarly-refereed journal published once a year. Its creation has been the first major international development undertaking of the leadership of the IIHFD. The second undertaking of great importance is the establishment of the Human Factor Leadership Academy’s (HFLA) community library at Akatsi in the Volta Region of Ghana in 2006.
In its current form, the HFLA’s community library is a well-equipped and serves students from all ages—from Preschool through University or College. The library has a computer lab with 5 computers and approximately 15,000 books. A shipment of a container load of books was shipped to the library in 2007. Our third major undertaking is the design and establishment of the HFLA’s university education program. This library will be transformed into two separate libraries as (a) the elementary school and (b) the university libraries in the fall of 2009. This university education program will be inaugurated in the fall of 2009.