The Donation you make to the IIHFD goes toward the provision of Transformational Development Education to the Children who attend the Human Factor Leadership Academy in Akatsi (Ghana).


Thank you for your support!



To most people, all kinds of help from many others come in diverse ways. Some of the time, well-intentioned kinds of help lead to great outcomes. Yet, at other times, certain kinds of assistance cripple the people instead. Being aware of these realities, at the IIHFD, we are involved solely in the provision of Transformational Development Education (TDE) Program. We aim our TDE Program at producing Honest and Compassionate Leaders who are to lead in diverse spheres of life in their own Countries, Communities, and the Global Village at Large. To make TDE available to many more students, please join us at the IIHFD today by donating financially toward our Excellent TDE Program at the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA) in Akatsi, Ghana (West Africa). One of our most primary long term goals is to expand the TDE Program by taking it to children anywhere we are able to go and set up HFLAs.


At the IIHFD, we have lots of Volunteering Opportunities. As such, we continue to look for individuals who will commit to serve at the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA) as teachers. While at the HFLA, as a Volunteer, you will work with the Resident Members of both our Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff. Your presence at the HFLA will go a long way toward the effective pursuit of our primary goal of using the Transformational Development Education (TDE) Program to produce Honest and Compassionate Leaders. We are, indeed, looking for individuals who are native speakers of and are capable of teaching either French or English or both at the HFLA. If you are able to do so, please contact us to chat about this Glorious Volunteering Opportunity at the HFLA. Finally, we also need volunteers who will work with us to develop our Athletics and Sports Programs. It is in our interest and also part of Vision and Mission to introduce Soccer, Baseball, American Football; Volleyball; Track & Field Events; and many more. We need your assistance. Please get in touch with us to discuss how you can assist us regarding the foregoing and/or any others you may have in mind.


If your own interests are in the provision of any other kinds of help and/or assistance to the children who attend the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA), please let us know what it is you so desire to assist us with. We are in need of individuals who can provide help to us in the areas of Technology and Its Use; Setting up a State-of-the Art Laboratory for our Information & Communications Technology Program; Financial Assistance to be channeled into our Learning and Teaching Processes and Activities; Creating and Sustaining a Long Term Financial Endowment; Globally promoting the Programs and Activities of the IIHFD; and any others you deem fitting. Please contact us now and let us know about the kinds of assistance and/or help you have in mind to offer to the children who attend the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA). We look forward with great anticipation and excitement to hearing from you as soon as is possible.