Global Leadership Development Program


Happy kids     The primary objective of the Productive Leadership Program is to expose leaders in business, government, religion, law-enforcement, education, health, trade unions, and family to become intimately familiar with the primary sources of the human problem and what can be done to confront them in proactive and productive ways. The various modules of this program work together as an integrated whole that spells out the significance of the human factor competency in productive leadership. An added element of the program is providing a powerful diagnostic tool for leaders to use to determine the quality of their own human factor and those of their subordinates and learn about how to improve it. Those who participate in this seminar will be exposed to positive human factor-based procedures to be applied to productive operations of institutions, organizations and businesses.

For the inaugural seminar season, we will concentrate our efforts on leadership effectiveness in three social institutions—Economics (Business), Government (Local Politics), and Schools (Education). In the following tables are suggested topics for leadership development and effectiveness in each of the three vital areas.
Children with a tutorWe organize seminars and conferences on topics of interest to the Academy. Though we have our own faculty and visiting professors, we recruit successful business people to make presentations to participating audience on topics of interest. We invite topnotch academicians and world leaders to come in and make presentations on topics of great significance. There is room for individuals who are interested in giving seminars on topics related to our vision and mission. The Academy’s seminars and conferences serve as effective ideas forums through which people either present ideas they have completed fleshing out or are currently working on seeking input from their colleagues, students, and visiting scholars. These presenters receive critical but friendly reviews, suggestions, and recommendations for revising and improving the precise articulation of their ideas further.

The HF Leadership Development Seminar is a Human Factor-based leadership development education aimed at enhancing the quality of each participant’s human factor personal effectiveness. It is designed for leaders and managers who are interested in improving their own long-term effectiveness and the productivity levels of their employees. Through effective applications of human factor theory, leaders and subordinates are assisted to comprehend in depth the significance of the human factor to leadership effectiveness. Leaders, managers, and business owners who have been exposed to this seminar have a glorious opportunity to open the doors to the HFLA to bring a customized version of this unique leadership development program to their employees. Employees who go through this seminar will improve the quality of their performance on the job in the long-term. A company whose employees go through this seminar has an excellent chance to achieve and sustain global competitiveness.

KidsThe productive leadership program fosters advanced human factor competency-based leadership development education and training for leaders in business, government, religion, education, health, law-enforcement, and the family. This distinct leadership development program will produce and propel knowledgeable, skillful, honest, transparent and compassionate leaders.

Areas of significance to the Academy’s leadership programs include:

1. Leadership in Government
2. Leadership in Education
3. Leadership in Business
4. Leadership in Entrepreneurship
5. Leadership in Community Development
6. Leadership in Global Collaboration and Development

The foregoing Leadership Development Programs are carried out at three different levels. These are:


1. Youth @ Play Transcending Excellence (Y@PTE)

This program is aimed at the provision of resources and excellent opportunities for youth to become exposed to great international opportunities through which they are guided and groomed to learn and grow into Honest and Compassionate Leaders. Youth who go successfully through this program have excellent base from which they launch their future leadership careers. A huge component of this program is an extensive Global Travel Leadership Development Program of Activities. We have already proven that these global travel program of activities are excellent and powerful tools for youth leadership grooming and development. The details of this program comes soon. This is our Leadership Development Program. Through this program, we aim at the education of the youth by assisting them to learn and grow into Honest and Compassionate Leaders of tomorrow. This is an annual leadership program designed for the you. It is composed of three uniquely distinct parts.

(a) Part 1: The Youth Attend a two-day Weekend Congregation;
(b) Part 2: Participants Attend a Ten-Day Youth Leadership Development International Travel/Study Abroad Program; and
(c) Part 3: This is a Detailed Participant Debriefing Program. This program aims at providing the opportunity to the participants to share their experience travel/study abroad program with their family, friends, and acquaintances. During this segment of this program, they have the opportunity to share with all others their own personal experiences; learning; maturing; and the commitment to Youth Leaders today as well as committing to either engage or participate in future leadership roles in diverse ways and/or areas of personal interests. At the closing moments of this third part of the program, information will be provided to potential participants in the coming year.

2. Professional Seminars and Conferences for Adults

This leadership program is aimed at providing great opportunities to those who are already in leadership roles and fully committed to improve their performance and output. We take these individuals and enroll them in our Global Leadership Development Programs.

3. Marriage Enrichment

At the IIHFD, we are keenly aware that the home is the best starting place for any children. When the home is well structured and put in a form that informs and propels childhood development, children who pass through such a home become excellent citizens—serving in their diverse areas of choice, performing great services to community members and other citizens across the whole country. To make such homes realities, at the IIHFD, we provide opportunities for couples to learn and become groomed on an ongoing basis for them to provide such home environment and caring for the children who pass through them. Our educational activities are far enriching.